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Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that indoor air pollution can actually be worse for you than outdoor pollution? Air purification has taken on a whole new role in today’s sealed-tight homes. Have you ever put leftovers in the fridge and forgot about them? Was there nasty biologic growth in the container? Your home can be very similar to the container. When you have a tight home to seal in energy efficiency, you also seal in the mold, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, etc., that are in, or enter in your home. Without complete air changes every day, (which are almost impossible in the air conditioning or heating season without costly systems) these things just grow. The only way to deal with them is:

  • Purification–Your air will be cleaner, healthier, and smell better
  • Filtration–You will have less dust and pollen floating through your home
  • Humidification–Reduce your heating costs, save your furniture and wood flooring, and protect yourself from sickness in the winter.