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Heating Oil Services

If you have an oil heating system, then you know that oil heat is among the most comfortable and reliable sources of heat available today. Unlike gas or electric systems, which draw resources from the city, oil systems are replenished at the owner’s behest. It’s the independent minded, efficiency of the oil heat system owner that Marshall Oil Company exists to serve.

We're concerned about the environment so we take necessary steps to eliminate any environmental damage.

We Offer

  • Premium Clearburn Heating Oil-reduces break downs and increases efficiency
  • One million gallons on-site storage-you don’t have to worry about a shortage and your oil is sitting here waiting for you
  • Delivery –Automatic or On Demand–this is America and you are the customer, we will try to do it your way
  • Price Protection –Budget and Prepay Plans-saving you money all year long
  • Prompt Pay Discounts–$.10 per gallon for 5 day payment

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Heating Oil Services